Sinamangal -9, Kathmandu, Nepal

Message From Executive Director


R.S.Bhandari (Raj)
Executive Chairman

We are feeling proud to note here that we have been working in the field of Human Resource Mobilization for a decade. In Nepal, unemployment problem is rising in geometrical ratio and it is going to be a burning issue too. Nepal is prosperous for its great human resources that have various categories. Unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled and professional manpower are seeking appropriate opportunity of employment, but very few of them get chance. Keeping this entire situation in my mind and realizing own-self a conscious member of the society, We decided to 'mobilize unemployment human resource' as our prime duty.

We acquired the knowledge of loyalty, responsibility and honesty from our ten years' experience of this field and we came to the conclusion that the prime duty of Human Resource Mobilization Company is to satisfy both the ends (the employer and the employee). Besides this, the Manpower Supply Company should be responsible for its legality, concerned rules and regulations. Both parties should be honest and sincere to implement their terms and conditions. If one fails to be honest in his concerned terms and conditions, certainly the defaulter must bear a heavy detriment.

Aarav Global Recruitment PVT. LTD.  is a reputed agency having government recognition and registration for the mobilization of Human Resources, especially on request or demand by an employer.

We spent a lot of time in visiting different countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Bahrain, the Gulf countries, India, Hong Kong and Bangladesh in the due course of our profession. We deal with a lot of agencies, companies and institutions of aforesaid countries perfectly and honestly during my engagement with human resource supply occupation. We are grateful to all of the concerned foreign employer companies for extending their kind co-operation to our agency and us. We also like to thank our staff members for their efficiency, hard work and sincerity, which is playing a great role in the prosperity of this agency.

We heartily apologize for the errors and inaccuracy if there have been any in this prospectus, and we also hope it would be fruitful, helpful and potential for all the concerned bodies.

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