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Information on Hiring Process

Aarav Global Recruitment Pvt Ltd follows a systematic and client-centric approach to the hiring process, encompassing client engagement, candidate sourcing, screening, interviews, reference checks, selection, and onboarding. With their extensive network, industry expertise, and commitment to quality, Aarav Global Recruitment Pvt Ltd helps organizations acquire top talent efficiently and effectively. Their comprehensive services and dedication to client satisfaction make them a trusted partner in the recruitment process.


Client Engagement:
Aarav Global Recruitment Pvt Ltd begins the hiring process by engaging in a detailed consultation with the client organization. This involves understanding the client's specific hiring needs, job requirements, qualifications, experience, and desired skills. By gaining a deep understanding of the client's requirements, Aarav Global Recruitment Pvt Ltd can tailor their recruitment strategies accordingly.


Sourcing and Candidate Search:
Utilizing their extensive network, industry connections, and advanced sourcing techniques, Aarav Global Recruitment Pvt Ltd conducts a targeted search to identify potential candidates. They leverage their extensive database, professional networks, job portals, social media platforms, and other relevant channels to source suitable candidates. Their proactive sourcing methods ensure access to both active and passive candidates, maximizing the talent pool.


Screening and Shortlisting:
Once a pool of candidates is identified, Aarav Global Recruitment Pvt Ltd performs a thorough screening process. They review resumes, assess qualifications, skills, and experience, and conduct preliminary interviews. Aarav Global Recruitment Pvt Ltd applies stringent selection criteria to shortlist candidates who closely match the client's requirements, ensuring a high-quality candidate pool for further evaluation.


Interviews and Assessments:
Shortlisted candidates are invited for interviews and assessments, which can be conducted through various mediums such as in-person interviews, telephonic interviews, or video conferencing. Aarav Global Recruitment Pvt Ltd conducts comprehensive interviews, including behavioral and competency-based interviews, to assess candidates' skills, abilities, and cultural fit. They may also administer specialized assessments or tests tailored to specific job roles.


Reference Checks and Background Verification:
To ensure the authenticity and credibility of candidates, Aarav Global Recruitment Pvt Ltd conducts reference checks and background verification. They contact the candidate's previous employers or professional references to verify the provided information. Additionally, background checks may be conducted, including educational qualifications, employment history, and criminal record checks, to ensure the candidate's suitability and integrity.


Selection and Offer:
Based on the interview outcomes, assessments, reference checks, and background verification, Aarav Global Recruitment Pvt Ltd provides recommendations to the client organization for the final selection. They offer valuable insights and guidance to help the client make an informed decision. Once the candidate is selected, Aarav Global Recruitment Pvt Ltd assists in facilitating the offer process, including negotiations, terms of employment, compensation, and benefits.


Onboarding and Follow-up:
After the candidate accepts the job offer, Aarav Global Recruitment Pvt Ltd supports the onboarding process. They collaborate with the client organization to ensure a smooth transition for the new hire. This may include coordinating paperwork, organizing orientation programs, and facilitating introductions to relevant team members and stakeholders. Aarav Global Recruitment Pvt Ltd maintains regular communication with both the client organization and the candidate to ensure a successful onboarding experience.

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